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24-timmars hackathon 15-16 juni,
LINK Arkitektur, Lumaparksvägen 7 i Hammarby Sjöstad, Stockholm

“This years Challenge will specifically look at finding Innovative Ideas and Solutions for real life problems, using the Circular Economy Model and technology. We are looking at Food, Water, Energy, Waste, Transport and Materials. Three case studies based on actual problems faced in Indian cities and villages will be presented. The challenge is to explore and create solutions for these….

This unique 24-hour hackathon will bring Swedish and Indian university students, developers , entrepreneurs, designers, professors, researchers and people interested together to rethink problems and inspire innovation and build smart solutions using the Circular Economy Model that will make smart city & smart villages a more resource efficient place to live in.

There are undisputed advantages with being a smart city/ village. Sweden and India are great candidates for sharing experiences and finding solutions. Through investigating synergy possibilities of Swedish and Indian answers to issues encountered, we could design a future which will be greener, cleaner and last longer.

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